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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pup-date - On The Shomberg "Timeless" Litter

February 3, 2009

The puppies are growing by leaps and bounds and they now have a "yard" that they are using enthusiastically. This new enclosure allows them much more freedom and also gives them a place to eliminate as they much prefer not to soil their bedding. It is amazing to watch how quickly they adjust to having this additional space and they freely stroll about the yard to stretch and play with their siblings that are now a part of their playtime.

Lily spends more and more time out of the box now but is never far and reacts quickly to a puppy's vocalization. She is ever observant and always attentive to their needs and she has easily been one of the best mothers that any breeder could hope to have. She is quiet and seems to enjoy her puppies as they crowd around her and walk underneath her measured steps; never bumping or stepping on anyone. She cleans them endlessly and lays in their midst as they crawl over and around her like a jungle gym. I watch her face and her expression as she watches each puppy and she seems to totally enjoy having them all around her. Most shorthairs make wonderful mothers in every sense of the word but there are some that are truly exceptional in every respect and that's our sweet Lily.

Last evening as they became 3 weeks old, I introduced them to puppy gruel. It's always an experience as I carefully watch them dip their noses into the warm liquid food for the first time. I do this individually for a few days to ensure that no puppy accidentally ingests food into their lungs through their nose. Once I'm sure that they know how to eat successfully, they will be introduced to the group feeding pan. That's always hysterical as they slip, slide and roll their way through the warm liquid; all the while managing to fill their bellies to satisfaction. It all culminates with a "group cleaning" session and mother is more than happy to help in the process. Mmmmm.....tasty goop that sticks to their fur like wallpaper paste but it does provide a good 15 minutes of mutual admiration and spontaneous licking. Steve and I laughed as they all just collapsed and slept for hours without moving as their tiny tummies were full satisfied.

We have watched them in these past days begin to "get their legs" and they are mobile beyond belief for only 3 weeks of age. Still just a bit wobbly but amazingly co-ordinated for being so small and so young, it is gratifying to watch them develop. Family members who visit often comment that they would never get anything done other than watch them as they are just great entertainment and cute beyond description. I have the luxury of being able to look into the box or their play yard throughout the day as I try to keep on schedule with other household obligations. Once they move into the kitchen at 5 weeks, life will not be the same for the next 3 weeks and so I take these short weeks to enjoy their antics and also the fact that their territory is somewhat regulated with an enclosure.

Steve and I are terribly happy with this litter and with their structure and conformation overall. They are beautiful puppies and though you always hope that the best traits of both parents will come through when you plan every breeding, sometimes even we are pleasantly surprised. This has been the case with this litter as we look at these puppies and know that they are so far above "average".... that most breeders would be thrilled to have even one or two of this quality in a litter. And here we have 9 absolutely fabulous puppies with wonderful shorthair traits and characteristics.

My sincere hope is that everyone who will be lucky enough to have one of these puppies share their life and their home will have a true appreciation for their quality and their beauty. Our goals in breeding any litter is to produce exceptional quality and the traits that make German Shorthairs such great family companions and to be remarkably beautiful to the eyes as they meet the breed standard. Even we feel that this litter has far surpassed our goals and hopefully a few will be afforded the opportunity to represent "Shomberg" in the conformation ring where their exceptional quality will be recognized and rewarded.

Stay tuned for my next installment at week # 4


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