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Friday, July 3, 2020

With Heavy Hearts We Say Goodbye to Libby.

Libby Rankowitz  
April  2004 - July 2020

"O Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of thy creatures. Bless the Lord, Praise the Lord." (Psalm 104).

In thanksgiving for her life, and in great sadness at her passing, we remember our sweet,
vivacious, beautiful girl Libby.

The Rankowitz Family

Click Libby's image for a larger view and find her on our Tribute Page

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Shomberg's "Passports Please!" Litter is born!

Shomberg's "Passports Please!" Litter
Born June 10, 2020

6 boys (1 liver, 5 ticked)
4 girls (3 liver, 1 ticked)

GCH Mikarma 'N Sandy Creek One Man Band DM JH ("Bowie")
(CH Ludlams Prairiestar Prime Suspect x CH Mi Karma's Harvest Colors)
CH Shomberg's Too Marvelous For Words RE SH GSPCA VC CGC ("Keely")
(GCH Mi Karma's Purple Dragon @ Honeybriar RN x Shomberg's Sandy Paws And Salty Kisses SH)

Click here to read all the details!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Our Deepest Sympathy to Steve & Robin.

Our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy to Steve and Robin
who just had to say their earthly goodbye to their sweet Gabe.
He was born into our "Timeless Litter."

Our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy to Steve and Robin who just had to say their earthly goodbye to their sweet Gabe. He was born into our "Timeless Litter."

It wasn't always an easy road after they opened their hearts to Gabe as he left a home where he wasn't loved or protected. Abuse comes in many forms and these precious creatures internalize every part of their living circumstances. Gabe was a sensitive soul who didn't deserve to be pushed to the sidelines.

We are deeply grateful that there are people in this world like Robin and Steve who selflessly dedicate themselves to regaining trust and giving a wonderful life to dogs like Gabe. He could be obstinate or he could be a clown. He loved his Izzy. He was her "big brother" and where you saw Izzy you usually saw Gabe. They were all a family.

It's always unbelievably painful. This goodbye is unlike any other. And though he was born here and has never left my heart, I know that my loss cannot and never will compare to the heartache and loss for Steve, Robin and Izzy. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for the beautiful life, family and love that you gave to Gabe. We were blessed to have met you and so was Gabe.

So please know that you gave the ultimate "gift" and surely one day you'll find him running to meet you again.
Rest easy, sweet boy and may your angel caregivers have plenty of balls and an abundance of treats.

Libby & Regan Celebrate Sweet 16!

"Her ladyship requests that Spring time arrive soon
so that her silly hoomans stop this foolishness."

Regan Laur and Libby Rankowitz celebrate their 16th birthday!

Regan, is owned and loved by Mary & Matt Laur and
Libby is owned and loved by Anne Rankowitz and family.

These two gals are still truckin'! That's an impressive age!
Regan and Libby are from the same 2004 Shomberg "Out Of This World" litter,
and shared companionship with two Shomberg Brothers, Saga and Woody,
from the same 2001 "Cheese & Crackers" litter.

Libby on the left, and Regan on the right.

Top photo, by Matt Laur (click for larger view). Hat design, by Mary Laur
(yes, Regan actually wore it long enough for this portrait). 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Announcing Shomberg's "Peck O' Peppers" Litter - Born November 11, 2019!

Shomberg's "Peck O' Peppers" Litter
Born November 11, 2019

GCH Windkist's Take It To The Limit
(MBISS GCHG/CH Stelors Royalty Remembered x CH Windkist's QTPA2T VCD1 BN RAE MH OAP OJP OFP CGCA CGCU)


CH Mi Karma's Purple Odyssey JH BN CD RE CGC GSPCA VC ("Odessa")
(GCH Mi Karma's Purple Dragon @ Honeybriar RN x Shomberg's Sandy Paws And Salty Kisses SH)

Expected Due Date November 12, 2019

Click here for more information about this breeding.



Tuesday, April 23, 2019

2019 Keely & Bowie Litter - Born May 19, 2019!


Litter Born May 19, 2019!

GCH Mikarma 'N Sandy Creek One Man Band DM JH ("Bowie") 
(CH Ludlams Prairiestar Prime Suspect x CH Mi Karma's Harvest Colors) 

CH Shomberg's Too Marvelous For Words RA SH GSPCA VC CGC ("Keely") 
(GCH Mi Karma's Purple Dragon @ Honeybriar RN x Shomberg's Sandy Paws And Salty Kisses SH) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

With great sadness we share Heiden's passing.

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of “Heiden” 
CH. Shomberg’s Let The Games Begin
Heiden was from our Olympic Gold Litter. He was shown to his championship by Patty Crowley and garnered several awards at the 2007 GSPCA NSS in Kentucky as a youngster.

He was handsome and funny, an athlete in every sense of the word. But his best attribute was his devotion to Jim and Paula and his acceptance of everyone he considered a friend,
except for the UPS delivery guy.
Our deepest condolences to Jim and Paula Dougherty and our sincere gratitude for the wonderful, loving home he was given for all these years; still never long enough.
The heartache is incredibly painful and right now there just aren’t words to lessen the grief.
Heiden, may you play ball with the angels and may you have ducks to chase and
clear blue ponds for swimming.
Rest well sweet boy until mom and dad come to be with you again one day.
Owned and deeply loved by Jim & Paula Dougherty. Proudly bred by Shomberg.

Monday, December 31, 2018

With a heavy heart we say goodbye to Rockwell.

Shomberg's Olympic Gold Innsbruck 

With a heavy heart on this last day of the year 2018 we received word that Max and Marian Lerman's beloved "Rockwell" is crossing The Bridge to join his beloved Prada. Never a more devoted and beautiful boy, he was our Innsbruck in the Olympic Gold Litter. He hasn't been quite the same since his Prada left a year ago but he continued to bring such joy every day to Max, Marian and David and this is the most difficult of goodbyes as we all know.

The heartbreak is immeasurable.

Your Prada will meet you sweet boy and we wish for endless gardens with critters to chase and the warmth of a heavenly bed to rest.

One day you will all be together again, so watch and know how much you will be missed until they come to be with you again.

More about Rockwell.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Update! - Largo & Ohanna Puppies Born!

Shomberg's Magic of Animation Litter

Born October 18, 2018
Boys:  Casper   ●  Linus  ●  Paddington   ●  Nemo

Girls:   Betty Boop   ●  Lucy  ●  Pebbles ●  Tweety  ●  Ariel  ● Dory  ●  Fiona

CH Shomberg's Changes In Lattitude Changes In Attitude SH
(CH Sunrise Party Of One OA OAJ x CH Shomberg's One Hot Number SH) 

CH Mi Karma's Purple Polka Dot Bikini JH RA BN CD CGC RE GSPCA VC
(GCh TRF White River Howlin' At the Stars JH x CH Mi Karma's The Color Purple JH RE CD) 
Largo            &            Ohanna
Follow all the details here.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Our Cherished Taylor ~

 Click for more about Taylor and Cooper
Shomberg's Glamour Shot JH
(September 18, 2003 - July 12, 2018)

TAYLOR, leader of the pack. The time has come to say goodbye dear friend. 

The years -- now almost 15-have taken their unrelentingly toll on your body but not your spirit. Despite your efforts to shield us from your pain-it is clearly evident that even the smallest of life’s daily endeavors are now exceedingly difficult.

We promised you that when your quality of life became an issue we would not stand in your way as you approach the Rainbow Bridge. We will forever cherish the wonderful memories of days spent in the field; of hours logged as you tirelessly chased your beloved shore birds or of early morning romps in newly fallen snow with your buddies and to many others to mention. Everyone of them will forever warm our hearts! You had a full and complete life never giving an inch to the advancing years.

We now set you free to join Cooper and Mya who have been patiently awaiting your arrival. The "three amigos" together again!!! Thank you Taylor for giving us so much and asking for so little in return. Til next time "Taylor Taylor Sweet Potator."            ~ Kahla & Carl Ennis

~ ~ ~
We pray that there's a beach in Heaven for you to chase the tide and the sea terns. And fields -- there must be fields to hunt and birds to steal just for the shear fun of it. And there must be a huge square green bed; one that's large enough to hold everyone. No doubt Cooper and Mya met you at The Bridge and you were overjoyed to be with them again. Surely it was a joyous reunion.

It's quiet tonight. You aren't laying with Largo, Piper and Keely. You were the matriarch and somehow that place will likely never be filled again in quite the same way.
But such a blessing to have you for almost 15 years and what happiness you've given to all that have loved and treasured you.

So -- there must be a beach. And as we thank God for sharing you, we hope you're running with your nose high and winding the salty air, watching and waiting for the day that everyone will be together again.

Shomberg's Glamour Shot "Taylor"
(September 18, 2003 - July 12, 2018)
who traveled to The Bridge today with the sun on her beautiful face. May you always play with angels, Taylor. You are dearly loved and deeply missed.

With our love and appreciation to Carl and Kahla Ennis for a wonderful life filled with the best care, the most love and the very best life experiences any Shorthair could hope to have. We are so very, very sorry for the passing of your special girl.  Remember that she is always only a breath away.
~ Sharon & Steve
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