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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Our Cherished Taylor ~

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Shomberg's Glamour Shot JH
(September 18, 2003 - July 12, 2018)

TAYLOR, leader of the pack. The time has come to say goodbye dear friend. 

The years -- now almost 15-have taken their unrelentingly toll on your body but not your spirit. Despite your efforts to shield us from your pain-it is clearly evident that even the smallest of life’s daily endeavors are now exceedingly difficult.

We promised you that when your quality of life became an issue we would not stand in your way as you approach the Rainbow Bridge. We will forever cherish the wonderful memories of days spent in the field; of hours logged as you tirelessly chased your beloved shore birds or of early morning romps in newly fallen snow with your buddies and to many others to mention. Everyone of them will forever warm our hearts! You had a full and complete life never giving an inch to the advancing years.

We now set you free to join Cooper and Mya who have been patiently awaiting your arrival. The "three amigos" together again!!! Thank you Taylor for giving us so much and asking for so little in return. Til next time "Taylor Taylor Sweet Potator."            ~ Kahla & Carl Ennis

~ ~ ~
We pray that there's a beach in Heaven for you to chase the tide and the sea terns. And fields -- there must be fields to hunt and birds to steal just for the shear fun of it. And there must be a huge square green bed; one that's large enough to hold everyone. No doubt Cooper and Mya met you at The Bridge and you were overjoyed to be with them again. Surely it was a joyous reunion.

It's quiet tonight. You aren't laying with Largo, Piper and Keely. You were the matriarch and somehow that place will likely never be filled again in quite the same way.
But such a blessing to have you for almost 15 years and what happiness you've given to all that have loved and treasured you.

So -- there must be a beach. And as we thank God for sharing you, we hope you're running with your nose high and winding the salty air, watching and waiting for the day that everyone will be together again.

Shomberg's Glamour Shot "Taylor"
(September 18, 2003 - July 12, 2018)
who traveled to The Bridge today with the sun on her beautiful face. May you always play with angels, Taylor. You are dearly loved and deeply missed.

With our love and appreciation to Carl and Kahla Ennis for a wonderful life filled with the best care, the most love and the very best life experiences any Shorthair could hope to have. We are so very, very sorry for the passing of your special girl.  Remember that she is always only a breath away.
~ Sharon & Steve

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Honoring our beloved Marcus ~

Shomberg's Private Label 
(Ch. Robincrest Silver Spirit JH x Shomberg's Katja Bthe Heartstrings)
June 4, 2005 - July 2, 2018
And just like that ......he left as he lived; without asking for anything more than to be held and loved. Never titled but he encompassed everything you envision a champion to be. He was our sweet, gentle boy who likely deserved far more than he had in his lifetime. His life revolved around his Lily and she will miss him dearly. They grew up together and they were inseparable. I'm not sure she will understand but I will tell her just the same. The words won't matter as much as his touch which she'll come to miss as she watches for him. Dogs grieve and surely she will after 13 years of being together, chasing rabbits, playing with your big tire, eating and sleeping together. You were like an old married couple who depended on each other every single hour in a day.

Sometimes we are blessed to bring puppies into this world who will accomplish noteworthy titles; those who represent the breed in special ways.
And then there are those puppies who grow up to bless and enrich your life in the most simple of ways. They connect you to your humanness and give you more in love and devotion than words could ever express.

Our hope has been that we would know the time; that we would be able to give him his dignity in a peaceful travel back to the generous God who shared him with us for these years that have passed all too fast.
As a dear friend noted, it was our part of the unwritten contract. We have honored it though it has broken our hearts so deeply.

Rest well, sweet boy, for you have earned your heaven. Your tasks here are done.
Our final prayer upon your leaving is that we might be blessed to see you again one day. You are so loved and you will be missed every day of our journey back to where you are. Watch for us for we'll be coming to meet you once again.

                                                                                 MeeMaw & Pap
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