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Monday, May 18, 2009

"POLO " Now Has AKC Title # 21

Great news to share from Kris Eckard about her "Polo Man".
Polo is a Marco son and litter brother to Beth Cochran's "Devlin" also mentioned recently in our News Column.
Polo now 9 years young and still "kickin' ass" as Kris so lovingly points out :-D

We are so proud !!! And so appreciative to Kris for her great love and her dedication to having Polo enjoy his life and the many wonderful pleasures he apparently so enjoys.
Hopefully pictures will follow soon ;-)

******** WAY TO GO !!!!!!! ********
Kris writes :
POLO just acquired AKC title #21 yesterday!!
He finished his Agility Excellent Jumpers Preferred title - (OJP goes up to AJP)
He actually double Q'ed for me Friday, then yesterday he Q'ed in jumpers to finish that title off. He only needs one more Q in Agility Standard for the Excellent standard preferred title and only one Q for his Novice fast title. (so 2 more titles are within grasps by August 1)

Polo hasn't "trained" in agility for 2 years now. We only do conditioning work and then run the trials like a mad man. But that is what I have to do to save his back. It is literally like turning a mad man loose on course and he gets into a frenzy when he sees the course. We can't work out the frenzies in training like the old days. Any how - he is still kicking ass. all 3 excellent jumper Q's were first place class wins as well.
We will try for the PAX... Now I just need to get my butt motivated to get him tracking so he can get that AKC versatily title.

The Puppies Are Now 5 Weeks

Community Dinner Bowl. Click image for a larger version.Kiss All Around. Christopher and pups. Click image for a larger version.

Monday____________ May 18, 2009

Having spent the last 2 days totaling enjoying and observing these little wonders and I can report that they are not only growing like little weeds but they are thriving and becoming their own unique little beings. They are wonderfully affectionate and they enjoy every bit of attention they get which is much and often and......it is obvious. They love people and you dare not even attempt to sneak a peek at them while they are napping or they are instantly awake and running for your arms.

These puppies are delightful in every respect and I never doubted that they would be social and just as cute as they can be. It seems like only yesterday that they were born and the time is flying by so quickly. They have managed to capture the hearts of everyone who meets them and it isn't anything but easy for them to do. They are just so funny to watch and it is always amazing to me to watch their instinctive traits emerge just as Mother Nature has programmed them.

The smallest puppy is Chardonnay who is liver and owns the personality of a much larger dog. She is engaging and happy and truly adores people. I simply have to smile every time I look at her just because she owns the word "adorable". She might be the smallest puppy in the litter but no one has told her that :-) And I seriously doubt she would care.
But do not mistake the fact that she is one large personality ....no matter the size of the "packaging". She is a doll !!

Lambrusco is just a hoot. He has lovingly been tagged with the nickname "double wide" just because he dives into the food bowl and he doesn't retreat until the food is gone. He waddles away looking like a tick that has lived on a dog for a month. He really is a beautiful boy but right now, it's just all about the food and it is hilarious to watch as he elbows everyone away to keep his place at the food pan. He is absolutely beautiful, one of the darker ticked boys, and a puppy and we're hoping to soon be able to see that svelte body underneath the puppy pudge - ha, ha.

Dolcetto is a lovely solid liver girl and she is just "Ms.Happy". I don't think I have ever seen a puppy more happy in their own skin and she bounces everywhere as she enjoys her siblings, her food and her life in general. She plays until exhausted and for some reason unknown to us, she feels that it is her "job" to be best buddies with Chardonnay.
They play endlessly and enjoy one another to no end. Their bond is un-deniable.

Madura is a small puppy with a beautiful face and dark ticking with a few patches. She seems to be independent and playful but always wonderfully happy when mealtime is over and Grandma Lona sits on the floor for what she calls "story time". Madura is one of the first to situate herself in Lona's lap for the stories that follow about 9 little puppies who are the best puppies in the whooooole world. She watches Lona's face and seems to take in every word. By the time the tale is spun, Madura has fallen asleep and is no doubt dreaming happily.

Rose' is such a pretty girl and she can easily be picked out because she has a white tip on the end of her dark tail. She is very dark in color wit a face that could melt the heart of a grump. She is always busy and ever playful and she is constantly enjoying whatever toys are available for the fun. She is outgoing in nature and yet when she is held up close, she gives you a most distinctive side glance that lets you know she is aware of your admiration. A quick kiss lets you know she appreciates your love and then.....she is off to do the more serious work of the day and that is .......playing.

Soave is the brightest in coloration while still being heavily ticked with body patches.
He is "Mr. Bold" and for the time being he appears to have set himself up as the leader of his pack. But in Shorthair litters.........all things are subject to change and no doubt this will too. But for now he enjoys his rank and is more than happy to play and be involved with all of his brothers and sisters in sharing toys and playtime. For all of his confidence he still loves to be held and smothered with attention and cuddles that are always readily provided by the closest available person in the room.

Frascati is easy-going, mild mannered and always HAPPY. I love his personality as he seems to just love life and the fun it brings his way. He is not quite as large as his brothers right now but I think he has a much larger personality that makes up for his smaller size.
He is within ounces of the other puppies so he isn't small but he is more than ready, willing and able to be in your arms or happily chasing toys across the floor. I have dubbed him "Mr.Personality" just because he is a charming and totally lovable little guy.

Cabernet is handsome and equally engaging in personality as his siblings. He is quite content to entertain himself or play with the group as there seems to be little that phases him overall. He is personable and happy and he moves with confidence and style. A more beautiful and expressive face will be hard to find and his body compliments the package to a "T". This puppy is very attentive to his world around him and very focused on his people and those who would give him attention. He is very stable and balanced in his demeanor and very handsome in structure.

Merlot........the solid liver male is as handsome as he is affectionate. He is a male version of his lovely mother, Cortina, and I have no doubt he will be a very elegant dog when mature. He carries himself with confidence and his "presence" is un-mistakable. I have watched this puppy grow these past 5 weeks and have no doubt that he will always draw attention no matter where he goes in life. He is loving and adores your attention and affection but never demands it. This is a puppy who is very comfortable with who he is and what he is about and those attributes are hard to deny. An exquisite headpiece on a beautiful body and the personality so desired in a German Shorthair. His new owner/owners will be fortunate to have him in their life.

These beautiful puppies just make me smile; a true testament to a great breeding plan and a credit to their breed and their outstanding parents. Greg Hostetter, who owns Duncan, seemed to be very happy with this lovely litter and had words of praise for their care as well as for their physical and temperament traits. His agreement that this was a very good "blend" of ingredients provided by both parents were a welcome endorsement and we have no doubt that he is as happy as we are with the results of this combination.

Everyone should know that all of the puppies are growing and gaining weight rapidly now as they eat real puppy food. Lona, Carol and Dan make absolutely sure that they are happy and well adjusted and that the weeks ahead will assure everyone that all of their needs are met with great care and love. We will continue to keep you informed as best we can and provide some pictures that will show you just how fast they are growing and how beautiful they are.

Stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead.............


Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Schatzi " Wins Another Major In Perry, GA

Southeast Alabama Kennel Club Inc.
Perry, GA
Friday ...May 8th, 2009

Judge : Mrs. Mary Ann Alston

Another major for Schatzi ..................

" Shomberg's Bayville Shot Quail High JH "
( Int.CH./CH.Alajazz West Palm Beach Point JH x CH.Shomberg's Pawnee Love Song JH CGC )

Professionally and capably handled to her second major win by Jimmy Spears for her owners Scott & Jeanine Edwards of Bayville GSPs. This stunning solid liver bitch continues her winning ways in the conformation ring.
We are sincerely appreciative to Jimmy for stepping in to assist Judy when a timing conflict arose in several breed rings.

Congratulations to Scott, Jeanine and family on a wonderful win !!!

Marco's son, Devlin, Moving Toward Another Title

Beth Cochran sent this newest update on "Devlin" and we are thrilled to share in her excitement.
We'll be cheering from the sidelines as this duo continues in their efforts for an Obedience Trial Championship title.

Utility went very nicely, and we not only qualified, but we got a third place, 194.5 and…..drum roll, please….our very first ever OTCH points-TWO of them!!! I've never had OTCH points before, either, so it was a first for both of us. So, we're now just 2 wins and 98 points away from our OTCH J. I got very good advice from a fellow competitor. She said to think of the OTCH in 10 point increments, and make 10 pts the goal. I like that idea.
Best wishes and Congratulations to Beth and Devlin !!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Puppies Now 4 Weeks

The Cortina & Duncan Crew Are Up And Movin'........Tuesday, May12, 2009

The puppies are on their feet and very active. Life continues to get more interesting by the day in the Conicelli home as these little wonders have begun to explore their world and occasionally travel beyond the confines of their "yard" on the sun porch.
For a few days it became a bit frustrating as these little escape artists came to realize that they could explore the outer reaches of their yard provided they moved to just the right location.....a gate accessible for Cortina to go in and out through the day for "breaks" in her routine.
Lona, Carol and Dan dutifully replace each little explorer back into their box where Cortina sees to taking them to task for their escapades by rolling them around and mouthing them a bit just for good measure. It is comic relief to be sure as she seems to be scolding them for going beyond their limits. Not easily dissuaded they soon find a way to once again circumvent the boundaries and they are off to new adventures. Obviously after a few days of Houdini-like maneuvers, the family chose to place a small barricade at the entrance to their indoor yard that would still allow Cortina access and keep the tiny adventurers inside their enclosure. Problem solved !!

The puppies are now eating their puppy gruel and much to the entertainment of the family.
Lambrusco allows no bowl to go un-licked while he almsot seems to do a few body bumps just to assure everyone else that he's the top dog and should eat first. No one seems to mind as they all get their tiny bellies full and everyone is content and ready for naps. The girls are equally enjoying their time slipping and sliding through the mushy substance as it provides not only a full tummy but also a smaller version of the terrific and way too much fun of the old slip 'n slide used by human children. Just a wee bit of mutual grooming by all of the siblings makes for satisfied appetites and a bit of fun in the process.

Tiny needle-like teeth are very evident and Cortina has decided that she would rather they chew on their toys rather than her underside. basically she has weaned them herself although she does make a short trip into their box during the night for a 10 minute treat of warm mother's milk. She continues to oversee their activities and she leaves no doubt that she remains in charge though she has happily turned over cleaning duties to Carol and Lona, who are always on top of everything needed in the world of these amazing babies.

Moving from the 4 week into the 5 week time frame sees the pups becoming much more active during a normal day. They play and they do power naps and this continues throughout their day as they begin to become more and more aware of the world around them. Their interaction with each other is now evident and the personalities are becoming more obvious with each passing day. Each week from this point on will see emerging traits and personalities that will allow them to know their place within the pack order. leadership roles will begin to be seen but roles will be ever changing as their abilities and role play takes on new dimension. It is always a very normal progression and would be no different if circumstances had allowed them to be born in the wild.

Dan, Lona, Carol and Christopher are enjoying their roles in the lives of these puppies and no doubt the puppies are enjoying all of the attention and love that is bestowed happily on them. They watch for anyone who approaches their box and play yard and they are most happy to be held and cuddled at this age. In weeks to come they will be showered with love and given every bit of attention and care they so deserve. I have so often said that doing this is a true labor of love and so it is. No doubt their new families will enjoy them and will find great comfort in knowing that they have been given so much loving care in these first few weeks. This is what makes them the great companions and family members we all so deeply love to have in our homes and in our hearts.

More to come so.........stay tuned.
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