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Monday, May 18, 2009

"POLO " Now Has AKC Title # 21

Great news to share from Kris Eckard about her "Polo Man".
Polo is a Marco son and litter brother to Beth Cochran's "Devlin" also mentioned recently in our News Column.
Polo now 9 years young and still "kickin' ass" as Kris so lovingly points out :-D

We are so proud !!! And so appreciative to Kris for her great love and her dedication to having Polo enjoy his life and the many wonderful pleasures he apparently so enjoys.
Hopefully pictures will follow soon ;-)

******** WAY TO GO !!!!!!! ********
Kris writes :
POLO just acquired AKC title #21 yesterday!!
He finished his Agility Excellent Jumpers Preferred title - (OJP goes up to AJP)
He actually double Q'ed for me Friday, then yesterday he Q'ed in jumpers to finish that title off. He only needs one more Q in Agility Standard for the Excellent standard preferred title and only one Q for his Novice fast title. (so 2 more titles are within grasps by August 1)

Polo hasn't "trained" in agility for 2 years now. We only do conditioning work and then run the trials like a mad man. But that is what I have to do to save his back. It is literally like turning a mad man loose on course and he gets into a frenzy when he sees the course. We can't work out the frenzies in training like the old days. Any how - he is still kicking ass. all 3 excellent jumper Q's were first place class wins as well.
We will try for the PAX... Now I just need to get my butt motivated to get him tracking so he can get that AKC versatily title.
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