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Monday, April 20, 2009

1 Week Pup-date On Cortina & Duncan Litter

1 Week Old - - Saturday, April 18, 2009... Shomberg's Vintage Reserve


This week was typical in that most newborns sleep and eat - - eat and sleep and do little more other than pile up on one another and enjoy their mother's non-stop attention.
Cortina's puppies are doing just that under the watchful eyes and tender care afforded them by not only their mother but also Lona, Carol, Dan and Christopher.

Their tails were docked and dew claws removed on Monday, April 13th., at 2 days of age by Dr.Werner. All were examined and found to be in excellent condition and fully nourished.
The procedures went well and Dan and Christopher assisted Dr.Werner while Lona kept Cortina comfortable. Cortina was understandably anxious and everyone settled in again once home and back into the familiar surroundings of their whelping box. Their tails are healing fast and they now have the total appearance of German Shorthairs.

The theme for their litter has been chosen and will soon be displayed on the Shomberg web site. Names have been designated for the "Shomberg Vintage Reserve " Litter and each puppy has a name that reflects his or her personality as chosen by the Conicelli family after a week of observing them and beginning to know their personalities as they begin to emerge slowly. These beautiful little "grapettes" appeared at the peak of perfection and have become a perfect blend despite their individual variety and colorations :-)
Ideas for what will eventually become their AKC registered names are coming to mind and we think we'll have some very different and novel suggestions for their new families to consider when the time comes to register them formally with the American Kennel Club.

All of the puppies were weighed in on their 1 week birth date and they are rapidly gaining weight and thriving. Eyes will open in another week or so with ears opening soon after that.
They are easily finding their way about their box as their ability to squirm and wiggle allows them some mobility until they become weight bearing. Cortina is ever vigilant and knows where they are at all times. Lona & Carol have taken shifts in sleeping beside the whelping box so that no need goes un-met. Frequent potty breaks for Cortina throughout the night continue as she is eating and drinking more to provide adequate milk for the puppies now.
9 little appetites need a constant source of nourishment and falling asleep while suckling is a common occurrence as everyone stays "latched on" and supremely satisfied.

Cortina has taken a few trips from the box as we've had a few days of really lovely weather and she enjoys basking in the warm sunlight on the porch while on her "breaks". Never far and returning to the box she quickly counts each puppy and once again settles in for her duties. The puppies are continually licked and cleaned and she is gentle and loving in her every move with them as she rolls them around and encourages them to move about their box. It is wonderfully amazing to watch just how well Mother Nature has programmed her for motherhood and how easily she fills the role.

Though a bit sleep deprived the education and the rewards in watching this story as it plays out seems to be something that the entire family is enjoying. Often I am told that "it must be such fun to have puppies born and to be able to play with them for 8 weeks" and it actually is a very rewarding and wonderful experience. However it is w-o-r-k and I often find that people really don't have a true understanding of everything that goes into these 8 weeks unless they are privileged to experience it firsthand. It is a labor of love for sure and I am very sure that the Conicelli family is having an experience that none of them will ever forget and they'll be forever grateful that these 9 little "blessings" came their way.

Stay tuned for more pup-dates from the
Conicelli Vineyards and samples of the highly regarded "flight" yet to be enjoyed !!


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