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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pup-date on New Cortina & Duncan Puppies

We are extremely happy to announce the arrival of the 9 Cortina & Duncan newborns that are wonderfully healthy and absolutely beautiful !!

It began with long hours through Friday and into Saturday which was both stressful and yet very exciting as we awaited that first arrival at 9 p.m. on Saturday night. Preparations in advance made for an easier time for everyone as we waited for that first magical moment.
It was not disappointing and the excitement in that room was palpable, overwhelming and incredibly touching for all of us. Emotional was the key word for the day but everyone was terribly excited to know that "they're coming".

Cortina knew her role and she handled it with an expertise that never ceases to amaze me as I watch how Mother Nature has instilled these wonderful dogs with an instinctive ability to know just what to do and when to do it. Carol, Dan & Lona were "wowed" as the first puppy emerged and took his first breath and first cry. Lona softly wished every puppy a Happy Birthday as they were born and each new puppy's arrival was met with happiness and a few tears here and there. It was an emotional event made ever so special by Cortina who lovingly attended each puppy as if they were the only puppy to ever be born. A mother's love is something that is truly special no matter what the species.

Carol Conicelli, Dan & Lona's daughter, was an invaluable member of our "team" and she worked tirelessly to make sure that Cortina had her walks and her every need met in the weeks and days leading up to this day. Dan, Lona and I are very grateful for her efforts and her willingness to put her own Easter plans on hold just to be there and support us as well as Cortina. Often times Mother Nature doesn't go by our schedules or plans and this just happened to be one of those times but it was truly worth every minute of waiting when these beautiful puppies finally made their entrance into the world.

The puppies are very healthy and we are blessed to have 3 solid liver puppies and 6 liver, white and ticked; a few with large body patches and very dark pigment underneath their white coats which will eventually darken. I suspect that 2 of the liver, white and ticked puppies will be a bit lighter in coloration though still "roan" while the others will darken considerably to be a very dark roan much like Duncan. For some perspective new owners who really were hoping to have a solid liver puppy, they might be surprised to see that a few of these will become almost as dark in color as a true solid liver like Cortina.
Hopefully new perspective owners will be very happy to have a beautiful Shorthair puppy with a sound temperament and a wonderful personality regardless of color patterning and that is why we choose our new homes so carefully. That is what we strive to perpetuate with every breeding planned and once again we are convinced that we have achieved our goal.

This morning Cortina continued to care for her puppies as lovingly as she has in the past 48 hours. She took a short respite this morning for a visit around the backyard where she quickly noticed the scent of the wild turkeys that have visited Dan & Lona's home for years for their daily meal of cracked corn. It was a welcome break but was soon abandoned to get back to maternal duties inside the whelping box where 9 hungry puppies waited. Attentive as always she washed and nursed them and settled in for a quiet and restful day after the commotion of recent days. Dan, Lona and Carol can possibly catch up on some much needed rest and I am quite sure that Christopher, Carol's son, will be most happy to take his shift next to the puppy box. Christopher is smiling broadly as he helps to care for the puppies; knowing that in 8 weeks there will be one very special puppy chosen to be his new companion and hunting buddy under the very loving tutelage of Grandpa Dan.

What a great family and what a beautiful litter of puppies !! We are excited and very proud to welcome these new lives into the Shomberg family and we are extremely appreciative to the entire Conicelli family for their dedication, their love and their great care of Cortina and her new litter. Every new owner who is waiting for a Cortina & Duncan puppy should know that this is a very special litter and they will be raised and deeply loved by a very special family.......the Conicelli's.

Congratulations to everyone !!!! And a special "Thank you" to an almost unheard of entity in this world, Dr.Werner, of Long Valley Veterinary Clinic who interrupted his Easter Sunday to examine Cortina and tell us that she is wonderfully fit and healthy after whelping this litter of large, healthy puppies.
How often do you find a Vet who does this anymore ?
We appreciate his dedication and love for his job and the animals he serves and he should be told. We just have :-D


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