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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Newest Pup-date .......February 19, 2009

I am behind in my usual pup-date reports and for that I do apologize to everyone who has been anxiously awaiting news about the puppies and their latest accomplishments as they grow up.
Time just seems to slip by and their daily care has been my # 1 priority which leaves me with limited computer time so I hope that everyone understands my limitations.

The puppies were 5 weeks old this past Monday and they are growing rapidly and each day brings new observations about each newly developing personality. And though I begin now to see emerging traits that will very likely continue to be defined over the next few weeks, I also understand that they are changing daily as they attempt to find their place within their "pack". There are no hard and fast rules with regard to their overall personalities just yet. Observing them during play, as they eat and sometimes even as they sleep is an ongoing education.

It is most often why I explain to new owners the reasons why I feel each particular puppy is better suited to them and their families as well as their expectations for the activities they will enjoy with them. It is also why I do not allow myself to be pressured into choosing a particular puppy for a family even when some individuals try to indicate their preferences; sometimes subtlety and at other times rather strongly. Hopefully you have chosen me as your breeder for my expert knowledge of the breed,for the manner in which I raise these puppies, my honesty and straightforwardness and my good instincts when it comes to making the "right fit" for you and your family. I do not take any of this lightly and without a clear objective.

This litter has provided me with numerous individuals that will be well suited for great families who will love them and spoil them and enjoy their wonderful spirits for many, many years to come.

Picot ( I call her Little Lily) has rapidly taken on a personality much like her mother. She was rather quiet and somewhat reserved a few weeks ago but all of that has changed and she is now a very confident and out-going puppy. She is playful and always in the middle of any activity. She gives no grief.....nor does she take any. She has a "beauty spot" on her right cheek and a very distinctive face that just makes me smile when she looks at me. How fitting that Lily gave me a little clone of herself.

Cartier was very vocal at 2 weeks of age; always letting everyone know when something upset her apple cart. Now she is happy to just be a part of the pack and she enjoys playing and is a very middle-of-the- road individual. She is stable and affectionate and always....always happy. She has that "doll face" and is hard to resist when she sits patiently waiting to be hugged and cuddled.
She is all about strutting and letting me know that she is "all that and more".

Mercier is a happy and very content puppy. She is the most reserved and readily plays with her siblings but also quite happy to sit and watch as they play without her. She is my "thinker" and finds time to sit on the sidelines as she is ever observant and a quiet little soul. She loves to be held and loved and seems most appreciative that you choose to pay her attention. She is truly an easy puppy to love. Her little body is so pretty and her beautiful face and head are un-mistakable. She has the ability to roll her eyes and look at you as if to say " I only want your love and nothing more."

Longine has the tail wag down great. She wags and she wags and her entire fanny gyrates as she gets excited over just about everything from eating to playing. She is a happy puppy; very outgoing and a bit more dominant in nature than her sisters. She is still trying to find her place in the structure of the pack order and I foresee that she will eventually become one of the more dominant in nature.
That doesn't mean that she isn't a love bug but moreover it means that she has a great amount of self assurance and confidence and I doubt that she will ever lose those traits.

Movado is a handsome boy; the darkest in coloration right now. He is playful and currently a bit more low-key in nature. This could change easily over the next few weeks so I will be closely watching. He seems to be self assured, playful and eager to join in as everyone plays but he isn't the alpha puppy in his pack right now. And he seems to be quite content not to have that status. Numerous people seem to be drawn to him and I am not exactly certain why that is but sense that it is his color and markings. It isn't necessarily the best reason for liking a particular puppy but I do understand that we are drawn to certain puppies with our eyes only.

Rolex is Mr.Personality and has always enjoyed that title. He is very outgoing and very happy; always playful and entertaining. He first climbed out of his box at 2 weeks of age and he hasn't been anything but inquisitive and adventurous since. He is always aware of his surroundings, eager for affection and attention and he plays and interacts extremely well with all of his siblings. He has a lovely body for a puppy so young in that he appears that he will be a very stylish and handsome boy as he grows bigger. When he moves across his play area he is something to see.

Peugeot looks more like his father, Sparks, than any other puppy in the litter. He is quiet mannered and yet always playful and happy. His personality right now seems to be very balanced and he is not at all the most dominant figure within his litter but he seems to be confident in a more quiet manner.
It is as if he doesn't feel the need to be assertive. I have watched as he takes the lead and initiates play but never appears to play a leading role. He seems to be very comfortable "in his own skin" and that is always a good thing to see. Peugeot is very handsome and structurally I am very drawn to his "style".

Inghram is a standout puppy; always strutting about his pen and always focused on attention and interacting with me. He has a quiet manner and while he doesn't ever appear to be bossy or over-bearing with the other puppies, he is definitely in control - at least for the time being. As all things are subject to change, this could as well. But my suspicion right now is that he will continue to be a very stylish, standout puppy who would easily catch a judge's eye. He is happy and always pleasant and he is a pretty, pretty fella. His structure is wonderful.

Corum is a puppy who loves attention. He is patient to wait until it is his turn and always willing to jump into my arms for a cuddle. He, like Inghram, is confident and he seems to be intent on placing himself somewhere in higher pack order, though as I cannot stress enough - that behavior can change within a day. Corum is a total package in that he is very stylish even at 5 weeks and he has a great personality to go with his looks. He too plays very well with his brothers and sisters and he instantly responds to anyone who reaches down to acknowledge his presence.

And so as the weeks ahead are bound to provide me with a much broader look into their world and I am eager to watch these beautiful spirits emerge as they surely will. I have already begun to see that this litter has wonderful shorthair characteristics and breed traits that will serve them well in their lives with their families. For now they eat, they play and they sleep; typically in that order but not always.
They keep me laughing with their antics and amazed at their development day by day. Mother Nature never ceases to cause me to stop and be in wonder at how she programs these babies to know just what they are to do and when they are to do it. Life is a great adventure and theirs is just beginning.
I am honored and humbled to be able to share these first weeks with such lovely and totally innocent creatures that I love so very, very much.

More to come in the very busy and active days ahead !!


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