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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pup-date for Week # 2

"The Crew" - At times it looks a bit like a Chinese fire drill in this box with everyone heading in a different direction."Cabernet" - Now who couldn't fall in love with this face?

The Pup-date for 2 weeks of age.........April 25, 2009

The puppies are growing rapidly though their legs are still not quite in proportion to their chubby, little bodies. This is completely normal at this age as they are growing so fast that it often seems as if everything is growing at a different rate and dimension. They are still totally nourished by Cortina's milk alone and their weight gains reflect the fact that they are thriving and very healthy. Tiny voices convey absolute contentment and the understanding that all is right in their world.

Slowly their eyes are beginning to open; beginning as small slits at the innermost corner and then gradually opening as the days progress. At times this can take 24 to 48 hours and from time to time I have seen one eye open while the other remained closed for additional hours giving the appearance of a group of little pirates. Aay....aay Matey !!!
In truth they are because they can steal your hearts and plunder your best intentions - ha, ha. The fact of the matter is that when they take that first look up into your face as you hold them close, it is the most sublime feeling to know that you are witnessing one of Mother Nature's most wonderful experience. Cloudy and soft blue eyes will soon give way to clarity and a world they have come to know only by smell and feeling prior to this.

Ears are now beginning to open as well and though they are very sensitive to vibrations and smells until their ears are completely open and able to hear, they really don't miss much around them to this point in time. It is now that they'll recognize movement and hear the sounds within their box and within their pack of siblings. Occasionally a wayward bark is met with a very questionable "what was that ?" and it is almost too funny for words when you see it happen. In the weeks ahead their hearing and sight will become very acute and everyone will be amazed at their ability to hear you trying to sneak into the room while you
think they are asleep. In short order everyone will be scrambling for your attention and your touch and the quiet that once was.....will be no longer.

They are now beginning to raise themselves up on their wobbly legs as they explore their box and anxiously get to Cortina as she settles in to nurse them. She cleans them and they are forever falling over under the continual brushing from her tongue over every part of their small bodies. It doesn't deter the effort and they simply get up again and start once more to gain strength in their small legs as they become more experienced at walking and moving within their limited space. all of this is about to change very soon as the lower front board will be removed from their box and they'll begin to venture out of it and on to the paper surface provided to eliminate on their own. This is the first step in knowing that they go "outside" to potty; a noble effort that takes a few weeks to really become an easy and maneuverable feat.

Next week we move into yet another phase and they will soon begin to eat from a small saucer filled with puppy gruel. It allows for plenty of one on one contact with them as you must tenderly hold them and introduce them to a new taste and texture that they will very quickly learn to enjoy. This all happens for a few days prior to their introduction to a communal feeding pan and the world of slip 'n slide. Hopefully we'll be able to get a few photos of that experience to share with you. It's always makes for a true Kodak moment.

For now we just enjoy watching them and knowing that in a matter of only a few weeks these 9 little wonders will become little balls of energy that play hard and crash wherever they happen to be for a nap almost instantly. Growing up is hard work !!!

Stay tuned..................


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