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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Puppies Now 4 Weeks

The Cortina & Duncan Crew Are Up And Movin'........Tuesday, May12, 2009

The puppies are on their feet and very active. Life continues to get more interesting by the day in the Conicelli home as these little wonders have begun to explore their world and occasionally travel beyond the confines of their "yard" on the sun porch.
For a few days it became a bit frustrating as these little escape artists came to realize that they could explore the outer reaches of their yard provided they moved to just the right location.....a gate accessible for Cortina to go in and out through the day for "breaks" in her routine.
Lona, Carol and Dan dutifully replace each little explorer back into their box where Cortina sees to taking them to task for their escapades by rolling them around and mouthing them a bit just for good measure. It is comic relief to be sure as she seems to be scolding them for going beyond their limits. Not easily dissuaded they soon find a way to once again circumvent the boundaries and they are off to new adventures. Obviously after a few days of Houdini-like maneuvers, the family chose to place a small barricade at the entrance to their indoor yard that would still allow Cortina access and keep the tiny adventurers inside their enclosure. Problem solved !!

The puppies are now eating their puppy gruel and much to the entertainment of the family.
Lambrusco allows no bowl to go un-licked while he almsot seems to do a few body bumps just to assure everyone else that he's the top dog and should eat first. No one seems to mind as they all get their tiny bellies full and everyone is content and ready for naps. The girls are equally enjoying their time slipping and sliding through the mushy substance as it provides not only a full tummy but also a smaller version of the terrific and way too much fun of the old slip 'n slide used by human children. Just a wee bit of mutual grooming by all of the siblings makes for satisfied appetites and a bit of fun in the process.

Tiny needle-like teeth are very evident and Cortina has decided that she would rather they chew on their toys rather than her underside. basically she has weaned them herself although she does make a short trip into their box during the night for a 10 minute treat of warm mother's milk. She continues to oversee their activities and she leaves no doubt that she remains in charge though she has happily turned over cleaning duties to Carol and Lona, who are always on top of everything needed in the world of these amazing babies.

Moving from the 4 week into the 5 week time frame sees the pups becoming much more active during a normal day. They play and they do power naps and this continues throughout their day as they begin to become more and more aware of the world around them. Their interaction with each other is now evident and the personalities are becoming more obvious with each passing day. Each week from this point on will see emerging traits and personalities that will allow them to know their place within the pack order. leadership roles will begin to be seen but roles will be ever changing as their abilities and role play takes on new dimension. It is always a very normal progression and would be no different if circumstances had allowed them to be born in the wild.

Dan, Lona, Carol and Christopher are enjoying their roles in the lives of these puppies and no doubt the puppies are enjoying all of the attention and love that is bestowed happily on them. They watch for anyone who approaches their box and play yard and they are most happy to be held and cuddled at this age. In weeks to come they will be showered with love and given every bit of attention and care they so deserve. I have so often said that doing this is a true labor of love and so it is. No doubt their new families will enjoy them and will find great comfort in knowing that they have been given so much loving care in these first few weeks. This is what makes them the great companions and family members we all so deeply love to have in our homes and in our hearts.

More to come so.........stay tuned.
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