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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lily / Paparazzi Litter News!

"Shomberg's Breaking News"
We are extremely proud to share our Breaking News with the world!

 The arrival of our Paparazzi  (Am/Australian CH. Moruada Meet The Press) and Lily  (CH.Shomberg's Olympic Gold) litter on Wednesday...June 30, 2010

We feel that our "News Team" deserves this special press release
Complete editorials will be provided by our "little journalists" in the weeks ahead as they broadcast their own stories and keep you on the edge of your seats as you follow every report     - - - - -  

The guys -  "Russert" (Tim) ......"Brokaw" (Tom).....and "Blitzer" (Wolfe)
and The girls  -  "Mika" (Brezinski) and  "Cokie" (Roberts)

One week old today..... they are all very busy in their cubicle as they make the rounds and cover the corners of their world as they prepare to keep all of you informed and current on the latest events that impact their world.....and ours.

Congratulations to Sue Wright (Moruada - Australia) and Jan Bradfelt & Diana James of "Snowcreek" for their assistance in making these newest headlines!

Read more about the Lily / Paparazzi litter


Saturday, July 3, 2010

!! The Lily / Paprazzi Babies Have Arrived !!

The Lily / Paparazzi babies have arrived!
Wednesday night - June 30, 2010
3 males and 2 females - All solid liver; very healthy and strong.

More news to follow!

Australian & American CH. Moruada Meet The Press......"Paparazzi"

bred to our own homebred

CH. Shomberg's Olympic Gold....."Lily"

Read more about the Lily / Paparazzi breeding.
This is our very first breeding that takes us outside of the boundries of the United States in a well planned combination with the highly respected, top winning bloodlines of Sue Wright of Moruada Kennels in Australia. Our sincere appreciation to Sue ( Moruada ) and Jan Bradfelt and Diana James of Snow Creek German Shorthaired Pointers in working with us to achieve what we hope will be an outstanding litter of beautiful puppies. Currently Paparazzi is residing in Oregon at Snow Creek but he will be returning to his homeland in early 2010 where he'll no doubt continue to be an outstanding representative of Moruada and the German Shorthair breed.
Our beautiful Lily produced a litter in January of 2009 that at 9 months of age are already winning in the show ring as well as the hearts of their owners. A very personable bitch with many lovely qualities of her own have made her the perfect choice for the very handsome Paparazzi and we are extremely happy that our dreams are soon to be realized in this combination of two very special dogs with very special ancestory and winning records in their own right.
Our hope is that we produce exceptional shorthairs that will be a credit to their breed as well as a reflection of those desirable characteristics that have made them so sought after by so many who choose to own and love this fantastci breed. Great care has been taken to ensure that our goals are met with respect to producing puppies that have correct structure, oustanding temperament and overall beauty as well as plenty of natural instinctive hunting ability. In other words, we're going for the "total package".
All health certifications are completed on both Paparazzi and Lily and as always we guarantee health and quality in each puppy placed. Reservations are strongly encouraged as we will be limiting the number of deposits accepted for this breeding. Additional information may be obtained by contacting us directly at Shomberg2@aol.com
Read more about the Lily / Paparazzi breeding.


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